High productivity framework for building enduring enterprise applications
The irrestible benefits of Flexbase development paradigm
  • Design exciting features for your customers without getting caught up in NFR concerns.
  • Implement design patterns, use dependency injection at the core & write async & decoupled applications with ease.
  • Effectively implement Domain Driven Design, Event Storming & Single Responsibility principles with ease. Save time.
  • Bring down technical debt to zero. Standardization of design across projects. Get over the daily struggle of maintaining clean code standards.
  • Free up time to explore and implement latest technologies & frameworks.
  • Use dependency injection, SOLID design patterns & decoupling concepts like a pro.
  • No application maintenance nightmares. Nearly zero regression issues. Create fully decoupled code.
  • Hack domains across project with low learning curve. Less idle time. Easy knowledge transfer.
  • Code & deliver crazy cool features super-fast.
  • Explore new technologies and programming paradigms.
  • Deliver high quality software to customers. Focus on design of exciting solutions.
  • Reduce delivery time. Minimize regression issues. Overall reduction in software cost.
  • Bring peace between solution design and software development. Easily swap resources across projects.
  • Easily onboard new developers without impacting delivery timelines
  • Close more deals. Get a competitive edge in every deal. Surprise your customers with more features at lesser costs.

Build mission critical applications with non-functional quality attributes baked-in

Flexbase is a .NET based opinionated architectural framework with which you can build production-ready mission critical enterprise applications very fast. When you build applications using Flexbase, following NFRs are guaranteed
Are you tired of seeing projects after projects suffering from the big ball of mud syndrome?
Time to build a crystal ball i.e, a perfectly de-coupled & maintainable application using Flexbase. Flexbase is perfect for top architects who love to implement latest enterprise design patterns and work meticulously to deliver high quality enterprise applications.
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Framework tools that make architectural design and implementation joyful

  1. FlexStudio: FlexStudio is a diagramming tool to model domain features based on pub-sub design pattern. It gives you visualization of features along with the underlying code structure. The output of FlexStudio can directly be turned into a working code using Flexgen.
  2. Flexgen: Flexgen weaves the boilerplate framework code for Flexbase. You can create around 5000 lines of codes in 2 minutes. FlexStudio takes the JSON output of Flexgen and builds the application skeleton in no time.
  3. Flexbase Nuget: Flexbase nuget packages the base libraries, infrastructure, end points and other framework assemblies you need, to start coding an enduring applications in Visual Studio.

>50% productivity improvement in Greenfield Application Development

Flexbase is a perfect framework for building large enterprise applications, software products, digital transformation solutions, legacy re-writes and cloud migration.

If you are a .NET / Azure shop, Flexbase can bring huge savings and efficiency to you throughout the application’s life cycle - from requirement to shelving.

Reduce development efforts by upto 80%. Reduce maintenance efforts & cost by more than 50% & build a software application that ENDURES.

Innovation platform for building digital products of the future

If you are a startup working on a new digital product or part of a team building innovative applications for a large business, use Flexbase as your innovation platform. Build scalable, secure, production ready applications super fast

Flexbase takes digital products development to a whole new level. Using Flexbase the architects and product managers will find it very easy to balance product roadmap with client specific customizations.

For 95% of enterprise application requirements, Microservices design is an overkill in the beginning. Flexbase application development is the right way to create scalable, maintainable & high-performance enterprise applications. And if your application grows big, turn the on switch of microservices architecture without any hassles.

The API framework for integration services & modernization of legacy software

With Flexbase you get best of message oriented middleware (MOM), event-based architectural design and enterprise service bus out-of-the-box.

Get over the mess of one-to-one integrations between third-party software, legacy systems, IoT systems, new digital system & core applications. Use Flexbase as your middleware integration framework and simplify managing multiple integrations. Flexbase is horizontally scalable, easily extensible, robust and failsafe.

Migrate legacy systems to new digital applications using Flexbase. To know more about Flexbase for middleware and modernization get in touch with us today.

Migrate legacy applications to microservices with ease

Flexbase simplifies complexities involved in migrating legacy applications to micro-services. While FlexStudio helps you to design and iterate features with ease, Flexgen takes away the repetitive work of writing plumbing code. It is easy to plugin cloud infrastructure. You get ample time to define context boundaries, do DDD, event storming and rewrite new code with better extensible design patterns.

Framework tools that make architectural design and implementation joyful

Get relief from everyday chaos of fixing design pattern inconsistencies in code, addressing maintainability issues & splitting hair around requirements.

Spend more time implementing new design patterns, implementing design principles like event storming and DDD, writing beautiful code, petting your cat and things you love.

Flexbase makes its very easy to design, develop and maintain complex applications. It helps you reduce regression issues by fanatic implementation of single responsibility principles.
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